SpaceWaster by leslie snyder

“Space waster”
By Leslie Snyder
Who says one cannot be loud and proud. Well, an unsigned funk, progressive, and metal trio called Space waster says one can. One should not be afraid to express their feelings. Space waster will be releasing their self titled debut CD on May 24, 2013. The loud and obnoxious single “Lowballer” will be on the upcoming CD. Anyone can hear the influence of the late Frank Zappa when listening to the “gritty” funk rock and progressive melodies and the “eerie” space age vibe throughout the track, along with the angry “snarling” vocals.
“Lowballer” is an agonizing tale about a young man who is longing for the attention of a beautiful young woman. However, the beautiful young woman ignores the persistent young man. The persistent young man is discouraged, but vows to win the heart of the beautiful young woman and make her very happy. Space waster is a loud and obnoxious funk, progressive, and metal trio who is not afraid to speak their minds with “gritty” lyrics and dark “eerie” funk metal melodies. These “brooding” melodies will make one’s bones rattle. Space waster has a promising future on today’s music scene.
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