Galaxy express by leslie snyder

Galaxy Express
“Galaxy Express”
By Leslie Snyder
A loud locomotive rolls out of Seoul, Republic Of Korea. This thunderous noise comes from an independent pop rock trio called Galaxy Express. This raucous trio sings songs about riding through space, lust, and love with an unapologetic attitude. Galaxy Express sounds similar to Motorhead and Alias with their “snarling” vocals and “blistering” rock melodies that are sure to put goose bumps on one’s skin. Galaxy Express released their eighth, and self titled CD on November 26, 2012 featuring ten loud “ear piercing” tracks.
The thunderous journey begins with the first track “Riding the Galaxy.” This track features “screaming” chants throughout the track and heavy, rough rock melodies. This track is a raucous tale about young men riding through space on a train and having a great time. Meanwhile, lust oozes out of the sixth track “Like the First Time.” This track features “snarling” vocals and “gritty” rock melodies. This track is a “sultry” tale about a young man reliving the night that he took a beautiful young woman out on a date for the first time.
Finally, the thunderous journey ends when finding true love in the ninth track “Always.” This track has a soft pop sound featuring soulful vocals and “breezy” pop melodies. This track is a heartwarming tale a young man telling his girlfriend that he will always love her.
Galaxy Express is a raucous independent pop rock trio who lives life like rock stars. The CD “Galaxy Express” is an obnoxious collection of music that will rattle one’s eardrums. This loud locomotive shows no signs of slowing down.
Record Label: Loverock Company DFSB Kollective
Band Websites:


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