Faces together by leslie snyder

Faces Together
“Top Left Corner”
By Leslie Snyder
One’s senses will be awakened by an unsigned ambient rock project called Faces Together. Faces Together was formed in 2013 by Aaron Leeder a solo artist and producer out of Brooklyn, New York. Faces Together sounds similar to Herbie Hancock with its heavy dose of keyboards, and Queen with the “airy” and sharp rock melodies. Faces Together is an instrumental collection of music that focuses on love, anger, peace, and exploring the unknown in the universe. Faces Together, released their debut CD “Top Left Corner” on February 26, 2013 featuring eighteen “mind numbing” tracks that will literally take one’s senses on a rollercoaster ride.
The “mind numbing” journey begins with the first track “Faces Together Theme Song.” This track is a cool, “breezy” ambient rock tale that sounds like a couple walking together on the beach and watching the sunset while the waves are crashing. Next, happiness turns into anger in the second track “Hands Apart.” This track sounds like a couple breaking up. This track features “rough” rock melodies and elements of jazz with a “snapping” saxophone that sounds like an angry couple who fights constantly, and wants to end their relationship.
Meanwhile, anger turns into peace in the third track “From Here to the Island.” This track features light rock melodies and elements of a “sultry” reggae vibe. This track is a peaceful tale about a person going on an island resort vacation and forgetting about his or her problems for a little while. Finally, the “mind numbing” journey ends with the fourth track “Brains Together.” This track features “gritty” rock melodies and a “groovy” bass line. This track sounds like two angry scientists trying to explore the unknown. However, the two angry scientists are extremely upset because their experiments did not amount to anything that would be considered useful in order to make the world a better place to live.
Faces Together is a great instrumental ambient rock project that plays with every human emotion, and is not afraid to take one’s senses on a rollercoaster ride. The debut CD “Top Left Corner” is a musical masterpiece.
Band Websites: http://www.facestogether.com


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