Await rescue by leslie snyder

Await rescue
“Everyone You Know” EP
By Leslie Snyder
A rocky road called romance begins in Boston, Massachusetts. This treacherous journey begins with an unsigned rock quartet called Await Rescue. Await Rescue sings songs about finding love and going through the agony of heartache with passion and honesty with “soul bearing” lyrics, and soft, calming rock melodies that will soothe the soul. Await Rescue sounds similar to Led Zeppelin and Incubus. This fresh and exciting quartet will release their new EP “Everyone you know” on April 5, 2013 featuring six heart wrenching tracks that will make the human spirit stand up cheer.
The treacherous journey begins with the first track “Everyone you know.” This track features sorrowful vocals and light, “airy” rock melodies. This track is a heartbreaking tale about a young man who is angry about his girlfriend telling lies about him around town with no regrets. Meanwhile, the discontent continues in the second track “Thanks, But No Thanks.” This track features “snarling” vocals and “thundering” rock melodies. This track is an obnoxious rant about a young man’s former girlfriend begging him to take her back. However, the young man would prefer to live his own life in peace and without drama.
Finally, discontent turns into happiness in the third track “All She needs.” This track features soulful vocals and soft, calming rock melodies. This track is a heartwarming tale about a young man who is on the road. The young man tells his girlfriend that he loves her and he will be home soon.
Await Rescue is a brilliant unsigned rock quartet that mixes soulful pop melodies and “gritty” rock vocals. Romance can be a rocky road in the game of life. The new EP “Everyone you know” makes a joyful noise.
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