Top 500 rock albums of all time by jerry Ryan

It’s pretty predictable early on to pick the greatest albums of all time. Some pretty obvious ones and later on I’ll blend a few personal favorites in as well. Hey, it’s my list. Why not?
Anyway, I’m not gonna go into detail just yet…just the picks. Too many to name. Here we go.
1.radiohead-ok computer Floyd-Darkside of the moon
3.the Beatles-sgt.peppers lonely hearts…
4.bob Dylan-blonde on blonde
5.the velvet underground-the velvet underground & nico
6.the Beatles-abbey road
7.the beach boys-pet sounds
8.the Beatles-rubber soul
9.the Beatles-revolver
10. Jimi hendrix-are you experienced?
11. Bob Dylan-highway 61 revisited
12. David Bowie-the rise and fall of ziggy stardust….
13. Pink Floyd-the wall
14. Nirvana-Nevermind
15.the Beatles-the white album Floyd-wish you were here
17.radiohead-the bends
18. Radiohead-kid a
19. Neutral milk hotel-in an aero lane over the sea
20. The clash-London calling
21. Fleet foxes-helplessness blues
22. Arctic monkeys-whatever people say I am….
24. The flaming lips-yoshimi battles the pink robots
25. Radiohead-in rainbows
26. The Beatles-magical mystery tour
27. The pixies-surfer rosa
28.led zeppelin-2
29. The rolling stones-exile on main street
30.Arcade fire-funeral
31.The white stripes-elephant
32. Led zeppelin-4
34. U2-the Joshua tree
35. Rem-murmur Floyd-animals
37. Fleetwood Mac-rumours
38. Guns n’ roses-appetite for destruction
39. The smiths-the queen is dead
40. The pixies-Doolittle
41.bright eyes-I’m wide awake it’s morning
42. Radiohead-hail to the thief
43.beck-sea change division-unknown pleasures
45.pearl jam-ten
46. The cure-disintegration
47.rage against the machine-self titled
48. The stooges-fun house
49. David Bowie-hunky dory
50. Arcade fire-the suburbs
51. Death cab for cutie-plans
52.Neil young-harvest
53.Tom waits-rain dogs
54.the Beatles-let it be
55.The doors-self titled
56.Bob Dylan-blood on the tracks
57. Tool-undertow
58.the white stripes-white blood cells
59. Led zeppelin-self titled
60.rhcp-blood sugar sex Magik
61.wild beasts-two dancers
62.the stone roses-self titled
63.oasis-(what’s the story)morning glory?
64.king crimson-in the court of the crimson king
65.Jeff Buckley-grace
66.Coldplay-a rush of blood to the head
67. Fleet foxes-self titled
68.the rolling stones-let it bleed
69.led zeppelin-houses of the holy
70. Arctic monkeys-favourite worst nightmare
71.bob Dylan-bringing it all back home
72. Queen-a night at the opera
73.Jimi Hendrix-electric ladyland
74. Love-forever changes
75. The smashing pumpkins- Mellon collie and the infinite sadness
76.sonic youth-daydream nation
77.Bruce Springsteen-born to run
78.the who-who’s next
79. My bloody valentine-loveless
80.the yeah yeah yeahs-fever to tell division-closer
82.the talking heads-remain in light
83.nirvana-in utero
84.television-marquee moon sabbath-paranoid
87.the flaming lips-the soft bulletin
89.nick drake-pink moon
90. Belle and Sebastian-if you’re feeling sinister
91.the strokes-is this it
92.the smashing pumpkins-Siamese dream
94.vampire weekend-self titled
95.Alice in chains-dirt
96.the rolling stones-sticky fingers
97.gorillaz-demon days
98.animal collective-merriweather post pavilion
99. Pj Harvey-stories from the city stories from the sea
100. Rem-automatic for the people
101.beck-odelay Floyd-pipers at the gates of dawn
103.van Morrison-astral weeks
104.Led zeppelin-3
105. The doors-strange days
106.muse-black holes and revelations
107.Neil young-after the gold rush
108.wilco-Yankee hotel foxtrot
109.the velvet underground-white light/white heat
111.arcade fire-neon bible
112.the doors-waiting for the sun
113.sigur ros-( )
114.Weezer-Weezer (the blue album)
115.Bob Dylan-the freewheelin’bob Dylan
116.the velvet underground-self titled
117.Interpol-turn on your bright lights
118.oasis-definitely maybe
119. The police-synchronicity
120.metallica-master of puppets
121.George Harrison-all things must pass
122.the sex pistols-Nevermind the bollocks…
123.bellflur-asleep asleep
124.Tom waits-the heart of Saturday night
125. Lou Reed-transformer
126. David Bowie-low
127.the Beatles-a hard days night Floyd-meddle
129.John Lennon-plastic Ono band
130.yes-close to the edge
131.the Beatles-help!
132.beck-mellow gold
133.u2-achtung baby
134.depeche mode-violater
135.the national-high violet
136.rhcp-californication day-American idiot
138.cream-disaraeli gears
140.Rage against the machine-the battle of Los Angeles
142.led zeppelin-physical graffiti
143.the who-quadrophenia
144.rhcp-by the way
145.Jimi Hendrix-axis:bold as love
146.the kinks-village green preservation society
147.explosions in the sky-the earth is not a cold dead place
148.muse-the orgin of symmetry
149.the ramones-self titled
150.the who-tommy
151.genesis-selling England by the pound
152.sigur ros-agatis byrjum
154.pj Harvey-let England shake
156.the white stripes-de Stijl
157.the clash-self titled
158.Metallica-and justice for all
159.The kills-no wow
160.pavement-slanted and enchanted
161.the rolling stones-beggars banquet
162.franz Ferdinand-self titled
163.the yeah yeah yeahs-it’s blitz!
164.the talking heads-more songs about buildings and food
165.David Bowie-diamond dogs
167.Thom yorke-the eraser
168.the doors-the soft parade
169.the verve-urban hymns
170.the white stripes-get behind me Satan
171.nick drake-five leaves left
172.the band-self titled
173.the stooges-raw power
174.nine inch nails-the downward spiral
175.iron maiden-number of the beast
176.John lennon-imagine
177.the killers-hot fuss
178.sublime-self titled
179.Metallica-the black album
180.Rage against the machine-evil empire
181.ryan Adams-gold
182.the Decembrists-picaresque ^^
183.Bruce Springsteen-darkness on the edge of town
185.death can for cutie-transatlanticism
186.the band-music from the big pink
187.Coldplay-viva la vida or death and all his friends
188.David Byrne/Brian eno-my life in the bush of ghosts
189.Elton John-goodbye yellow brick road
190.Beach house-bloom
191.the white stripes-self titled
192.wild beasts-smother
193.the stooges-self titled
194.crystal castles-self titled
195.Simon and garfunkel-bridge over troubled water
196.the talking heads-fear of music
197.the Beatles-please please me
198.deep purple-machine head
199.slayer-reign in blood
200.Pj Harvey-rid of me
201.the white stripes-icky thump
202.the grateful dead-workingmans dead
203.mgmt-oracular spectacular
204.Neil young-on the beach
205.the doors-Morrison hotel
206.radiohead-king of limbs
207.rush-moving pictures
208.bob marley and the wailers-exodus
209.Ac/dc-back in black titled
211.the zombies-odyssey and oracle
212.eagles-hotel California
213.muse-the 2nd law
215.Joni mitchell-blue
216.pearl jam-vs.
217.portishead-self titled
218.Paul Simon-Graceland
219.sigur ros-takk….
220.van halen-self titled
221.the mars Volta-Frances the mute
223.the shins-wincing the night away
225. Tool-Lateralus copper
227.Florence and the machine-lungs
228.David Bowie-station to station
229.motley Crüe-too fast for love
230.modest mouse-the moon and Antarctica
231.david Bowie-Aladdin sane
232.we are scientists-with love and squalor
233.the shins-chutes too narrow
234.the Jesus and Mary chain-psychocandy
236.Peter Gabriel-so
237.the talking heads-77′
239.bob Dylan-the times are a’ changin’
240.Jimi Hendrix-first rays of the new rising sun
241.the doors-la woman
242.patti smith-horses
243.Queens of the stone age-songs for the deaf
244.iron maiden-power slave Floyd-atom heart mother
246.animal collective-strawberry jam
247.bon iver-for Emma, forever ago
248.grizzly bear-veckatimist
249.captain beefheart and his magic band-trout mask replica
250.derek and the dominoes-Layla and other assorted love songs
251.Interpol-our love to admire
252.Yeasayer-fragrant world
253.jack white-blunderbuss
254.Yeasayer-odd blood
255.Joanna newsom -have one on me
256.sufjan Stevens-Illinois
257.nine inch nails-pretty hate machine
258.alice in chains-self titled
259.LCD soundsystem-sound of silver
260.Radiohead-Pablo honey
262.modest mouse-good news for people who love bad news
263.system of a down-toxicity
264.the smiths-self titled
265.daft punk-discovery
266.the gorillaz-plastic beach
267.animal collective-feels
268.pavement-crooked rain, crooked rain
269.massive attack-mezzanine
270.Linkin park-hybrid theory
271.the libertines-up the bracket
272.muse-the resistance
273.the killers-sams town
274.motley Crüe-shout at the devil
275.Bloc party-silent alarm
276.violent femmes-self titled
277.modest mouse-the lonesome crowded west
279.pulp-different class
280.Neil young and crazy horse-everybody knows this is nowhere
281.Joanna newsom-ys
282.manic street preachers-the holy bible
283.the smiths-meat is murder
284.the black keys-the big come up fighters-the colour and the shape
286.the shins-oh, inverted world
287.the strokes-room on fire
288.the xx-xx
289.nick drake-bryter layter
290.Elliott smith-either/or^^
291.the national-alligator
292.lcd soundsystem-this is happening
293.brand new-the devil and god are raging inside me
294.elbow-the seldom seen kid
295.vampire weekend-contra
296.panda bear-person pitch
297.Gorillaz-self titled
298.beach house-teen dream
299.Bon iver-Bon iver, Bon iver
300.bob Dylan-Nashville skyline
301.bear in heaven-beast rest forth mouth
302.the antlers-hospice
303.bat for lashes-two suns^^^
304.the cars-self titled
305.editors-the back room^^^ mercy
307.Ryan Adams-heartbreaker
308.spiritualized-ladies and gentleman we are floating in space
309.Kate bush-hounds of love
310.Bruce springsteen-born in the USA
311.bat for lashes-fur and gold
312.phil collins-no jacket required
313.stone temple pilots-core^^^
314.Aerosmith-toys in the attic
315.tears for fears-songs from the big chair
316.van Morrison-moon dance
317.the grateful dead-American beauty
318.Crosby, stills, Nash, and young-déjà vu
319.billy Joel-the stranger
320.the velvet underground-loaded
321.pj Harvey-dry
322.credence Clearwater revival-cosmos factory
323.Tom waits-swordfishtrombones
325.Elvis Costello-this years model sabbath-master of reality on the radio-dear science
328.the mars Volta-de-Loused in the comatorium
329.porcupine tree-fear of a blank planet
330.Primal scream-screamadelica
331.the Beatles-with the Beatles
332.Jefferson airplane-surrealistic pillow
333.guided by voices-bee thousand
334.the kinks-Arthur (or the decline and fall of the British empire)
335.credence Clearwater revival-green river
336.the Beatles-beatles for sale
337.David Bowie-heroes sabbath-self titled
339.Elvis presley-self titled
340. The moody blues-days of future passed
341.Bon jovi-slippery when wet
342.Metallica-kill Em’ all
344.the pixies-bossanova
345.rem-out of time
346.dylan Leblanc-paupers field
347.Carole king-tapestry
349.paul McCartney and wings-band on the run
350.Steely Dan-Aja
351.brian Wilson-smile
352.phoenix-Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
353.Brian eno-another green world
354.Megadeath-rust in peace
355.Elliott smith-xo
356.jethro Tull-aqua lung
357.porcupine tree-in absentia
358.blondie-parallel lines
359.Crosby, stills, and Nash-self titled
360.The kinks-something else by the kinks
361.the Decembrists-castaways and cutouts
362.the fiery furnaces-bitter tea
363.antony and the johnsons-I am a bird now
364.midlake-the trials of van occupanther
365.the decemberists-the crane wife
366. Clap your hands say yeah-self titled
367.dead Kennedy’s-fresh fruit for the rotting vegetables
368.kaiser chiefs-employment
369.syd Barrett-the madcap laughs
371.david Bowie-the man who sold the world
372.queen-sheer heart attack
373.iggy pop-lust for life
375.megadeth-peace sells but who’s buying
377.bob Dylan-desire
379.king crimson-red
380.Bruce springsteen-the wild, the innocent, and the e street shuffle
381.meatloaf-bat out of hell
382.kraftwerk-trans europe express
383.wire-pink flag
384.the ramones-rocket to Russia
385.dire straits-brothers in arms
386.Metallica-ride the lightning
387.the cure-faith
388.the buzzcocks-singles going steady
389.Ac/dc-highway to hell
390.sharon can etten-tramp
392.bruce Springsteen-Nebraska
393.the smiths-strangeways, here we come
394.the smiths-hatful of hallow
395.rem-life’s rich pageant order-power, corruption, and lies
397.the cure-pornography
398.roxy music-Avalon
399.husker du-zen arcade
400.Bruce Springsteen-the river
401.dinosaur jr-you’re living all over me
402.echo and the bunnymen-ocean rain
403.the rolling stones-aftermath
404.Tom petty-full moon fever Floyd-a saucerful of secrets
406.the who-the who sell out
407.frank Zappa and the mothers of invention-were only in it for the money
408.Simon and garfunkel-bookends
409. David Bowie-space oddity
410.frank Zappa-hot rats
411.the postal service-give up
412.keane-hopes and fears on the radio-return to cookie mountain
414.of Montreal-hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?
415.Eddie vedder-into the wild sndk.
417.kings of Leon-aha shake heartbreak
418.arctic monkeys-humbug
419.the horrors-primary colours the drive in-relationship of command
421.the verve-a northern soul
422.girls-father, son, and holy ghost
423.deerhunter-halcyon digest
424.the black keys-brothers
425.arctic monkeys-suck it and see
426.massive attack-blue lines
427.sonic youth-dirty
428.Isobel campbell and mark lanegan- ballad of broken seas
429.Elvis Costello-my aim is true
430.the jam-all mod cons
431.flogging Molly-within a mile of home
432.mc5-kick out the jams
433.gram parsons-grievous angel Stevens-tea for the tillerman
435.the prodigy-fat of the land
437.the pogues-rum, sodomy, and the lash
438.def leppard-hysteria
439.Alanis morrisette-jagged little pill
440.air-moon safari
441.grizzly bear-shields
443.the flaming lips-at war with the mystics
444.genesis-invisible touch
445.pj Harvey-to bring you my love Floyd-the division bell
447.Pantera-vulgur display of power
448.stone temple pilots-purple
449.Janis joplin-pearl
450.joe Jackson-night and day
451.pantera-cowboys from hell
452.Dave Matthews-crash
453.Phil Collins-face value
454.guns n roses-use your illusion 2
455.the Beatles-meet the Beatles
456.the Mahlors-stay true
457.the entrance band-ecstatic peace
458.beck-the information
459.sublime-40oz to freedom
460.they might be giants-flood
461.tool-10,000 days
462.built to spill-perfect from now on
463.nick cave and the bad seeds-the boatmans call
464.eels-electro shock blues
465.janes addiction-ritual de lo habitual
466.rhcp-stadium arcadium
467.bob marley and the wailers-catch fire
468.the pretenders-self titled
469.Santana-self titled
470.Elton John-captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy
471.James Taylor-sweet baby James
472.the mamas and the papas-if you can believe your eyes and ears
473.cream-fresh cream
474.guns n roses-use your illusion pt.1
475.Belle and Sebastian-tigermilk
476.bob marley and the wailers-natty dread
477.bob Dylan-John Wesley Harding
478.the eurythmics-touch flag-damaged
480.rhcp-mothers milk
481.spoon-kill the moonlight
482.the replacements-let it be
483.LCD soundsystem-self titled
484.the smashing pumpkins-Gish
485.the magnetic fields-69 love songs fighters-self titled
488.fitz and the tantrums-pickin’ up the pieces
489.queens of the stone age-rated r
491.jack Johnson-brushfire fairytes
492.cursive-the ugly organ
493.Godspeed!you black emperor-lift your skinny fists…
494.death can for cutie-we have the facts and were voting yes
495.bright eyes-lifted, or the story is in the soil
496.the last shadow puppets-the age of the understatement
497.the beat happening-jamboree
498.t-rex-electric warrior
499.husker du-new day rising
500.Alex turner-submarine
Looks like I forget one earlier so I’ll just move the list back one and add one more
Neutral milk hotel-on Avery island

Stay tuned for other lists for many different genres another time. Don’t expect 500 albums tho. This took me forever to do and I probably forgot a few, but it’s done. Hope you enjoy.
-jerry Ryan

I’m also posting an honorable mention list below to more noteworthy albums

The war on drugs-slave ambient
The knife-silent shout
Joanna newsom-the milk eyed mendor
Fugazi-the argument
Duran Duran-rio
Animal collective- sung tongs
Yo la tengo-and then nothing turned itself inside out
The yeah yeah yeahs-show your bones
Cheers elephant-self titled
The rapture-echoes
Ryan Adams-ashes and fire
Hot chip-the warning
Wolf parade-apologies to the queen Mary
Cat power-you are free
Grizzly bear-yellow house
Tracy chapman-self titled
The decemberists-hazards of love
Crystal castles-crystal castles 2
We are scientists-brain thrust mastery
Feist-the reminder
Franz Ferdinand-tonight :sold out
Local natives-gorilla manor
Motley Crüe-theatre of pain
Slayer-show no mercy
The black keys-rubber factory
The black keys-el camino
The tallest man on earth- the wild hunt
The glorious veins-self titled
The Rhodes-modern sounds for northern towns
Girl in a coma-trio bc
The strokes-angles
The antlers-burst apart
Cloud nothing’s-attack on memory
St.vincent-strange mercy
Two door cinema club-tourist history
Kurt vile-smoke ring for my halo
Lykke li-wounded rhymes
Dirty projectors-bitte orca
Cat power-the greatest

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