Re-do Atlantic part 2 (Philly)


Thanks to our good friends in radio Eris, we will be continuing our re-do Ac benefit to assist those affected by hurricane sandy.
On dec 28th at the Eris temple in west Philly we’re bringing in about 20 acts Starting at 3pm and going till about 2am in a house party type setting. All door proceeds from this event will benefit the marine mammal stranding center in brigantine & the ocean city repertory theatre (both damaged during the storm)
Not only do we have great bands on this (out of the beardspace, science, the deafening colors, starving the tsunami, when particles collide, Leoce!, dugout, soviet sleeper agent, deepsleeper, the only way, 4th line revolutionary, Linus in the saaphire, sweet eureka, the Jake Groen experience, radio Eris) but we also have some amazing singer/songwriters from the Philadelphia area (Khalid quesada, Kelley cosgrove, and niki Avataria)

No matter how much money we raise to benefit these non-profit’s, this event is already a success.
To have so many musicians wanting to get involved and help in any way they can is what makes these events so great.
Most of us have our own struggles and money issues. Still, we get together and sacrifice our own time and money for someone else in need. That my friends is a beautiful thing.
Thank you once again to radio Eris for hosting us and for all of our Philly friends for caring enough about the Atlantic city area to make this thing happen.


Pictured above mr.khalid quesada

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