2012 year of the elephant

I love music and I love bringing people together through music to make a difference. I also love that thousands of connections that have been made through these elephant talk shows, not to mention the countless friendships along the way.
What begin as a spark in 2009 is now a blazing inferno and 2012 was our biggest year yet.
The year began with a collaboration and the first ever 2 floor show at Le grand Fromage. It almost seems routine now to have two floors going at once but up until that point the first floor at Fromage was never used for bands.
The stage was built and occupy Le grand Fromage was the event that would change it all, with 20 bands playing in one night.
We would go on to do many shows like this including blizzard de Fromage, the first ever 3 floor show (heaven and hell) And the zombie apocalypse.
The highlight of my year was the elephants for autism 3 day music festival, which would raise enough money to put 10 children on music scholarships through the ozan music school in Galloway, this festival had close to 170 bands.
Around this same time, I was very proud and humbled to be named among Ac weekly’s annual top 40 under 40. It was nice to be recognized for helping build a legitimate music scene in the area and for my charitable work and it gave me a responsibility- to give back as much as Possible and make a difference with these shows instead of profiting off them (which I never did anyway).
We would go on to do our third annual elephant talk indie music festival in August & also the third Oktoberfest in October (duh!) and just when we thought we were done with the festivals, hurricane sandy reared her ugly face. With no time to waste we planned a 80 band festival at Le grand Fromage in 2 weeks and raised money to two local non profits that had extensive damage to their properties.


It was nice to end the year with a birthday party, which included my favorite area bands the Mahlors (which I spend time managing when I get a chance to do so) & position 9
This event features another elephant talk first that we introduced earlier in the year to ensure bands play to a full audience, the rotating stages.
We also have our new years show to finish out the year and head into 2013.
2013 looks to be even bigger with our third annual awards show, another elephants for autism event and countless huge events that will benefit the community
We will also be filming a documentary on our local music scene, using some of our 2,000 videos over the last 3 years
We will continue to bring in the best unsigned bands in the country and beyond and continue with elephant talk radio, nearing it’s one year anniversary on 91.7 Wlfr by bringing in live studio performances every Monday night.

Some other things I’m proud of include our elephant talk local support series which has raised thousands of dollars for many local bands to help with CDs, merch, etc..
our summer smokeouts,
the most exclusive party in the city that begin from an idea after our first of two official phish after parties.
& the fact that we have played many different bars that only cater to cover bands including Pitney pub, Jds, and Motts creek (all in my hometown of Galloway) and another show at the village Greene

Elephant talk has built a solid foundation that will weather any storm
Since we started in 2009 and look forward to going bigger than ever in 2013. Thank you everyone for your support.
-jerry Ryan


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