2012 elephant talk indie music awards


It’s almost that time of year again. The elephant talk indie music awards will take place at Le grand Fromage once again (jan 12th) and will feature the best of 2012 in the local and non-local elephant talk/Atlantic city music scene.
The winners were selected using a combination of fan voting and panel voting and I’d like to thank everyone that was involved in this process first off and who have supported our music community and elephant talk throughout the years.
Anyway, here are your winners in each category if you didn’t already know

First in the local categories-

Hard rock-soul pole.
For the second year in a row takes the crown. These aging rockers show no sign of slowing down

These pioneers in the local music scene seem to have been around forever.
Combining art and music, they have created a theatrical cloud of darkness that engulfs the audience in every performance.

Punk-bad year
A throwback punk band that goes fast and hard and takes no prisoners.

Alternative-position 9
Describing their sound is like describing what makes water wet. One of my favorite bands around just seems to be getting better. Their energy and playfulness combined with catchy guitar riffs and the charismatic lead vocalist, Chris Meckes make position 9 a tough act to follow

You don’t really need vocals when you have a sound creates landscapes for the listener. This is my favorite area band to zone out to and a repeat winner in this department even though they may not be your typical indie band.

Reggae/ska- sensamotion band
Another repeat winner. You might not know these guys because it seems so rare that they play a show at Le grand Fromage or the boneyard but when they do you can’t help but recognize them as the best in the area at what they do. They have that classic reggae sound and seem to be improving and getting tighter over time.

Hip hop/rap- fischetti barz
One of the most loyal fan bases you will see anywhere is the reason why fischetti barz stands alone at the top.

Singer/songwriter- chip Rishell
I mean this in the upmost respect to all the other finalists but this one was a no-brainer. Chip Rishell is such an amazing talent. If you haven’t heard him, you’ll have a chance on jan 12th

Breakthrough artist-maybe awake
This band is such a refreshing addition to our local music scene. I’d love to see these guys playing Philly, NYC, dc, etc…where their sound could really take off

Male vocalist of the year-Chris Meckes
Position 9’s frontman is another repeat winner. Off stage a very calm and almost shy Meckes is like a walking time bomb waiting for that moment when he can explode on stage and give every ounce of his blood, sweat, and tears into his performance.

Female vocalist-Jaclyn Stewart
Even though she only played one elephant talk event in Atlantic city,
there was no doubt that Jaclyn would be winning this award.
Stunning beauty and angelic vocals, she has left me thirsty for more since that performance in may. Luckily, she will also be performing at the awards show in January with her other half, the very humble and talented John Salvatore

Live act-zebras and bulls fight tonight!
Unpredictable and unorthodox are the words that come to mind when I think zebras and bulls. Featuring some of the most talented musicians in the area, the sometimes weird, the sometimes anti-social or super friendly band always does something amazing and innovative during their shows a s They never seem to play the same set twice.

Track of the year-cats on the pedestal
Willson Wong’s “cats on the pedestal” is one of the catchiest tracks you’ll ever hear and after a few listens you’ll probably be singing along. This song has been stuck in my head since January and I like it

Album of the year-upstairs
The deafening colors made us wait forever for this album, but it was worth every minute. This is an absolute gem of an album. 22 tracks long and solid straight through. Not to mention they are some of the nicest people on the planet. Very proud of these guys and honored to call them my friends.

Musician of the year- c.j. Blake
If you’ve ever been to a show in Atlantic city, there’s a good chance Cj Blake has a band playing that show, if he doesn’t, ten be is probably there supporting the scene. Heartfelt lyrics and versatility are what makes him our musician of the year for 2012.

Guitarist of the year-(12 winners)
Overall winner- jake Groen
Sean gallagher@law
Nabid chowdbury@position 9
Jim chivalette@no comply
Cris slotoroff@the deafening colors
Rick land@resident stone
Jimmi soldo@blue dynamite
Brandon ireland@the groove
Rebel somers @resident stone
Alex Siniari @argo
Tom Rocco jennetta@the only way
Kevin harrington@deardarkhead

Bassist of the year-(12 winners)
Overall winner-Colin murphy@maybe awake
Dixon gonzalez@position 9
Andrew wilson@zebras and bulls fight tonight!
Dustin paugh@tie goes to the runner
Ramon lewis@jake Groen experience
James leonen@soul pole
Loren rondeau III@ill rendition
Dan kearney@bad year
Ray worrick@sensamotion band
Doug garcia@no comply
Samuel ross@resident stone
Kevin McCauley @deardarkhead

Drummer of the year (12 winners)
Overall winner-frank chase
Blake halliday@maybe awake
Andrew clark@resident stone
Mike crossan@sensamotion band
John hurden@no comply
Dave freeman@juggernaut drunk
George mckee@keep Em low
Ross Viviano@zebras and bulls….
Jamen lomonaco@tie goes to the runner
James koed@fashion
Mike walsh@sovereignities
Mike eckhert@meatplow

Vocalist- (12 winners)
Chris Meckes (see above category for male vocalist of the year)
Roy orbs@law
Steven delucry@the groove
Bobby Forrest@ fashion
Josh petty@bog iron boyz
Donny speciale@juggernaut drunk
Colin fahy@maybe awake
Rob dief@resident stone
Jim chivalette@no comply
John arthur@the deafening colors
Joseph collepardi @sensamotion band
Cj blake@tie goes to the runner

Other noteworthy local categories-

Pop punk-hoodie weather

Hardcore-no holds barred

Electronic/dance-carbom Conspirazzi

Psych/jam band-zebras and bulls…

Folk/Americana-bog iron Boyz

Live track- “lapse”-maybe awake

Performance of the year-(tie) the deafening colors “outback jam” at etimf on 8-5-12 & Amanda Yuro’s poetry set at the re-do Ac benefit 11-18-12

Hall of fame inductees-(2)
Dan fogel, jazz organist & bubba Mac (bubba Mac band)

Special awards-
Community-John Salvatore
Music education-faith ozan, ozan music school in Galloway, nj
Indie press/radio- Paul glaser @ 91.7 Wlfr & Jim Maschio @106.3 wjse fame free Sundays
Pioneer-Lauren fearless@fearless Ent.
Loyal fan-Steve freeman@for- the choices

Elephants for autism special awards-(10)
Willson Wong
Amanda Yuro
Gina Lollobridga
Noel hiers
Aubrey rahab Gerhardt
Faith ozan
John salvatore
Samantha Grosso
John guttschall
David j. Bailey

People’s choice award (top vote getter)- meatplow

Band of the year-(for excellence in music and dedication to the elephant talk/Atlantic city music scene-
Position 9

And now for our non-local categories

Hard rock- Villifi
These Floridian rockers took Ac by storm this fall and left” for the most part” still a mystery. But those lucky few that were here to witness their performance have no doubt as to who the clear winner in this category is.
Check them out again feb 9th at the big cheese

Punk-ghosts in the valley
Still going strong! and …getting better?
See for yourself
Have a listen to their new album and get out and see these old school punk rockers (with hearts of gold )teach these young bands a lesson on how it’s done.

Alternative-those mockingbirds
This was indeed the toughest overall category and had 5 bands that easily could have one depending on the day. But in the end those mockingbirds held on to take the crown. See their amazing live show on jan 12th.

Indie- presto bando
Another repeat winner. Really love these guys. If they can play Ac once a year then they’ll probably win this award. Such a unique sound and stage presence.

Reggae/ska-the Mahlors
Atlantic city’s adopted sons have virtually created their own sound over the past few years and are the band to watch at most events they play. Fast and furious live act and some of the best young musicians you’ll ever see. You’ll be hooked after one performance. The potential is limitless for these guys

Hip-hop/rap-the knomadz
Talk to these guys for 5 minutes and you’ll feel as though you’ve known them forever. Friendly and charismatic, true hip hop pioneers.

Electronic/dance/new wave-lenorable
No band has come further in the last 3 years. Ian graham’s brainchild has grown into a terror in the music scene.
Creative and hauntingly beautiful music.

Singer/songwriter-Jared costa
Jared’s music has a heart and soul of its own, each song timeless and moving. Really enjoy listening to his albums at home and when I get the chance to see him live, it’s a beautiful thing.

Breakthrough artist-when particles collide
I was in the room listening for about 30 seconds when I knew they were something special. This 2-piece was filling the room with a dynamic sound over borderline-genius lyrics. Can’t wait to see them again on the 28th in Philly and again on new years in Atlantic city.

***ok, I’m typing this blog from my iPhone and just lost about 2 hours work by not saving my work. So I’m gonna rush through the rest of the winners so I can get this posted for everyone to see

Male vocalist-(5 winners)
Overall winner-Justin jonea@the Mahlors
Joseph DiMaggio @just a memory
Andrew mcnicholas @senium
Khalil slaughter@ roots in stereo
Derek daunchit@the Rhodes

Female vocalist-(5 winners)
Overall winner-(tie) Sarah aument@half sister & Blythe Crawford @the Galt line
Lisa reed@lenorable
Annie pandora@pandora’s bliss
Christie prince@the Christie prince band

Live act-the great socio
It takes a very special band to win in this category over bands like the Mahlors & the Galt line.

Track of the year-“moles”-when particles collide
What a brilliant song

Album of the year-“stay true”-the Mahlors
Kudos to Justin jones on his production. This album would be a greatest hits for most bands.

Musician of the year-Justin jones@the Mahlors

Guitarist of the year (13 winners)-
Overall winner- Willie gammell, for the third straight year takes the crown. Willie is the type of player that teaches great players and makes it look effortless
Justin jones@the Mahlors
Shain honkonen@villifi
Ev gold@cinema cinema
Jacob Graff
Ben geise@the gut strings
Ben lavalley@doc rhythm
Jordan macdowell @tolstoy place
Richard barni@grip of the gods
Tyler brooks@black dirty
Zach lo presti@ out of the beardspace
Ryan dehaven@the Mahlors
Terry utain@t-Harris express

Bassist of the year -(12 winners)
Overall winner-Anthony villar@the Mahlors
Rick reinhart@rrb
Sam pinola@ghosts in the valley
Dan kauffman@glim dropper
Alex deck@grip of the gods
Dylan thomas@villifi
Joe fuscia@no such noise!
Shawn hogan@leoce!
Josh mayes@senium
Kevin savo@out of the beardspace
Brandon cassell@ the substance
Ron fehrman@just a memory

Drummer of the year-(12 winners)-
Overall winner-Tj haslett@the Mahlors
Eric dryburgh @ boy things
Paul claro@cinema cinema
Chris marshall@villifi
Alex milliard@ghosts in the valley
Bailey kercheval@may weather
Chris ferry@rushmore
Chris viner@when particles collide
Corey deck@grip of the gods
Ethan Feinstein @out of the beardspace
David laviola@the Rhodes
Mark tarquinio@senium

Other noteworthy categories-

Pop rock-Eva jade Landon


Pop punk-funzzle


Psych/jam-radio Eris

Folk/Americana-Ben Daniels band

Performance of the year- Lucas Simmons”spray painting Kurt cobain” 10-6-12

Producer of the year-(tie)-Justin jones@ the Mahlors & Sam pinola@the Galt line

People’s choice award (top vote getter)-Eva jade Landon

Philly band of the year-the great socio

Wash dc band of the year-lenorable

Boston band of the year- Christie prince band

NYC band of the year-cinema cinema

International band of the year-pandora’s bliss

Progressive rock band of the year-out of the beardspace

Live track-“m’tindu”-the Mahlors

Reggae/ska album-“stay true”-the Mahlors

Alternative album-“pop! Pop! Bang! Bang!”-when particles collide

Progressive rock album-“3”-out of the beardspace

Punk album-“2012”-sons of young

Indie rock album-“restraint”-orca team

Hard rock album-“common eyes”-villifi

Band to watch 2013-
(local)-the only way
(non local)-out of the beardspace

Special awards-
Community-cris valkyrie & Lou paglione

Indie press/radio-black collar radio

Loyal fan-jarred andreski@for-senium

Music photography-Nastassia davis@ac weekly

Elephant talk’s man of the year-David j. Bailey (graphic design)

Graphic design-(3)
David j. Bailey
Rhett Bradbury
James Neil wood

Elephant talk’s elite 8 (top bands)
(in no particular order)
The Mahlors
The Galt line
No such noise!
The great socio
Friends with murder
Position 9
Out of the beardspace

Band of the year-(for excellence in both
Music and dedication to the elephant talk/Atlantic city scene)-
The Mahlors

Hall of fame inductees- Greg ginn- legendary black flag guitarist & Matthew dower-the late great guitarist @revel nine


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  1. That’s all folks! See you jan 12th at Le grand Fromage for the trophy presentation and to celebrate our local music scene that we’ve worked so hard to build.

  2. lenny says:

    Well deserved awards by all bands and artists.

  3. So many awesome recipients! thanks for sharing. I’m totally bookmarking this. You have to check out gethighonmusic.. so many awesome bands!

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