Review: ‘Shoot The Freak EP’ by Cinema Cinema

By Shari Sanahi

Together, vocalist/guitarist Ev Gold and drummer Paul Claro of Cinema Cinema kick ass. Their combination of musical elements join together to blow you away. It wouldn’t be possible to give you a brief, one word description of Cinema Cinema, but after listening to their EP, I can say my ears were thoroughly pleased.

The distortion and effects used in their opening track, “Lady Abortion,” adds a touch of atmospheric, psychedelic ambience to their punk sound.

The vocals go through a few different ranges: everything from melodic vocals to screaming, groaning and sound effects. Unlike many bands, the vocalist is able to go through wide ranges and still sound pleasing to the ears.

“Pleased to meet you, anesthesia,” brings the tempo down, at first. Listen a little further and you’ll discover that what once sounded calm has you banging your head. The effects nearly put you in a trance, taking your mind to a few unadulterated places, maybe space, maybe to the outskirts of the universe, and then you’re brought back with the last track that pulls you into reality.

“Day-Leash” gives you a break from the more relaxed sounds, and back into the mood to cause chaos. The song starts up fast and slows down with beautiful, melodic vocals.

This band has the ability to start up as fast paced punk, and switches to an entirely different atmosphere with the snap of a finger. These guys, out of Brooklyn, need to keep charging through with what they’re doing; it is awesome, pure and simple. If Cinema Cinema sounds great through recordings, their live shows must be enough to leave you feeling more than content. Do yourself a favor and check Cinema Cinema out.

To hear Cinema Cinema and to download their EP, check out their website.


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