Review: Twinkle And The Sluts, ‘Sluttier Than Thou’

By Shari Sanahi

Twinkle and The Sluts is alternative rock mixed with elements of grunge and punk. “Narcissism” opens up their EP with a kick. It paints a picture in the listener’s head that is the gateway of the entire CD.

Female vocals over punk riffs and drums beats are clearly saying, “I don’t give a f**k, and if you do, tell someone who cares.” Their music is not only upbeat in sound, but also in expression. Music should have the ability to bring you to different heights or change your perspective regardless of what drama is going on in your life.

Twinkle and The Sluts places the listener’s mind in better spirits than it was in before listening. It clearly brings you to the state of mind that reminds us all that nothing is more important than your own happiness. Some people might find it to be “narcissistic,” but it’s clearly a truth that Twinkle and The Sluts brings forth with great energy.

“Shut Your Dirty Mouth” and “Coffin Nail” has a fun, punk feel that can get one listener or an entire crowd pumped. Guitar riffs and drum beats combined in these two tracks could get the crowd shaking their heads around or dancing in a pit. Down your whiskey, don’t hold onto it. It might just fall out of your hands or end up spilling on the floor anyway from having an awesome time in the crowd. Give Twinkle and The Sluts a listen!


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