‘Vanity Kills’ By Niki Avataria

By Niki Flanly (Avataria)

“Vanity Kills”

Lovely lady Aphrodite:
Does the vacant curse of conceit
Devour love, breed hatred deep,
And steal away vacuously
All of your fleeting beauty?

My beautiful Narcissus:
Is an illusion worth the numbness —
Reflected in the ego endless,
Imprisoned by time a-wasting —
An existence rendered useless?

Oh Venus: is all vanity?
The soft, pale bourgeoisie —
Insolvent of human empathy —
Seed and shape steady decay,
Conceiving damaged entities.

Darling Whore of Babylon:
Are you bored of all the overblown
Bastions of the wholly unknown
United in collective scorn
Climbing up the walls ‘n down?

Niki Avataria is a musician, singer, and songwriter based in Philadelphia. To hear her music, see her Bandcamp page. She also performs with Seattle-based Ramona The Band, which will be performing at SXSW in 2012.

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