Review: ‘My Tired And Desperate Youth’ By Barriers

By Shari Sanahi

Barriers is hardcore that’s filled with slow, crushing, heartfelt riffs and drum beats that synchronize beautifully with the vocals like waves in an ocean. You can either ride these waves or have them pull you under. Either way, you will be pleased with the outcome. This is heard in the tracks “My Tired and Desperate Youth” and “Lush.”

At this point, your heart might be skipping a couple of beats and asking you to slow down a bit. The song “Residuals” does just that by taking you away from the usual fast-paced hardcore sound for a moment; and shows you another element that is beautiful, grim and sad all at the same time. The vocals express grief; while the music conveys words that aren’t heard, but felt. Barriers’ musical and artistic expression is delivered well in this solid track.

The faster hardcore feel is kicked back into high gear with songs such as “Aspersion” and “Basket Case.” The breakdowns heard in “Basket Case,” as well as background vocals, upbeat riffs and drumbeats heard in “Aspersion,” give the songs a surge of high energy that trigger off an explosive and fun mosh pit waiting to happen.

Give “My Tired and Desperate Youth” EP a listen, especially if you are a fan of hardcore or any other kind of high energy filled music.


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