Review: Heels On Fire, Self-Titled

By Shari Sanahi

These guys want to take you for a ride. Put on your dancing shoes for this one; actually, hold that thought, you might just end up having to take them off after hearing “Joanne” and “Freak Out.” The drum breakdown, noise effects and wailing guitars of “Joanne” bring to mind all of the things your mother would cringe at if she only knew what you were really up to: dancing on pool tables, bar tops, New York City bridges and more. This track makes you want to take your hair down, forget it all and lose yourself in the moment. The Killers’ influence is heard from the synthesizing effects combined with penetrating vocals in the track “Freak Out,” giving you a new wave, 80s sound to get down to.

Now, imagine the happy feeling you get when something you thought was lost and gone suddenly comes back to you. “Note On My Wall” is the kind of song played during the stress, both good and bad, of those moments you can’t waste wondering if a situation is going to work out or not. Even though the lyrics bring forth a tinge of uncertainty about whether this ending is good, bad or ugly, the overall positive vibe burns the doubts in mind and clears a pathway for you to dance in the light sparked by the fires of your heart. In the midst of forgetting what you thought was gone, it suddenly comes back. Success.

The band’s upbeat energy is at its best on the dance floor, or while riding the fast lane on the expressway on a hot summer day, windows open and music blasting. The drummer packs a punch that complements the guitar riffs, keys and vocals, which gives the band its strongly felt dance rock sound. This CD might set more than your “Heels on Fire,” so get prepared. If you’re up for a fun time and a lot of upbeat energy, check these guys out.

Check out Hells On Fire’s website to hear their self-titled EP or to find where to download it.


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  1. Hi guys! Thank you so much for the review. Let us know when the next festival will be. You should consider doing it in NYC. We can help you with booking the event. Thanks again.

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