Review: ‘Basement’ By The Faux Paus

By Tom DeVitis

Imagine this: Communism.

Oh, the humanity!

Now picture the complete opposite: That is how “Basement” by The Faux Paus will make you feel. Joyful, creative, and fun are some adjectives that, upon first listen, come to mind. “Basement” is a lovely little three track EP that is full of catchy, well thought-out, guitar driven tracks.

The EP’s initial simplicity engages the listener, but after subsequent listens, its complexity is slowly revealed. It is not often you hear a band that can get its point across in the first moments of speaker-to-ear contact, but also still remain interesting with repeated plays.

This can be a hard task to accomplish, but The Faux Paus have succeeded in doing just that. It is obvious that the ladies of The Faux Paus put a lot of thought and care into “Basement,” perhaps even more so than mainstream bands would have, and for that I recommend this EP for anyone who considers themself a lover of independent music.

To listen to or purchase The Faux Paus’ “Basement,” see their bandcamp page.


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One Response to Review: ‘Basement’ By The Faux Paus

  1. Don Johnson says:

    Dude, you’re hilarious!

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