Musicians Speak: Vince Russo’s Top Five Albums

By Vince Russo, singer/songwriter

1. Robert Johnson’s “The Complete Recordings” – The fact that RJ makes you feel his pain and the beautiful agony in his voice, all while making you feel better through his music, really got me hooked and inspired me.

2. Bob Dylan’s “Bob Dylan” – Dylan’s first album of cover songs inspired me with its style and beauty.

3. Bob Dylan’s “Blonde On Blonde” – I had to put Dylan on here twice. This album is such a change in style and he wears his heart on his sleeve with his lyrics, which taught me that if you wear your heart on your sleeve, people will relate.

4. Woody Guthrie’s “Woody Guthrie Sings Folk Songs” – Both the talent in the songwriting and the fact that he speaks his mind are impressive. Also, he stood up for what he believed in every chance he had and did it with 100% of his heart and soul. I will forever be inspired by the songs of Woody Guthrie because of that.

5. Pink Floyd’s “Piper At The Gates of Dawn” – This album inspired me to get weird and not feel strange about doing it. The way they mix comical lyrics with beautiful controlled chaos is a huge influence on my writing.

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