Review: ‘At Your Service’ By Radio Eris

By Shari Sanahi

Radio Eris’  Jan. 1 release, “At Your Service,” has an intensity that touches many sides of reality. Each track includes a variety of instruments and styles, and this is exactly what makes Radio Eris’ sound their own. This is exemplified in the track “Falling Apart Houses,” which sets the tone for the entire CD.

The diversity, variety and traditional music played by the band opens the listener up for a world of surprises. The dynamics between the vocalist and band dance with the heart, and leave your curious ears ready to be blown away in the best ways possible. “Chip Mind” is another prime example of diversity at it’s finest: computer noises, electricity, and a mind explosion about to erupt. They are asking: Are you ready for this?

The band’s dark and ethereal sound is strongly heard in the songs “Cosmic Powers” and  “Philadelphia Kiss-Off.” These two songs have some post-punk and psychedelic influences that make you want to get up and dance.

The lyrics may strike a chord, but it’s not just in what is said, it is how it’s being performed. Radio Eris’ love for theatrics and spoken word puts a twist on each song. Songs like “Mortal,” “Avalanche,” and “At Your Service” draw the listener in, leaving one wanting more.  Lora Bloom’s poetic ability, especially during live performance, is like watching a movie that you do not want to take your eyes off of. Each track pulls you in from beginning to end.

To summarize all of this: Spoken word, theatrics and soul bound vocals, along with psychedelic riffs, keys and beats will pull those in who are looking for an experience they have not yet come across. If you are a fan of Swans or PJ Harvey, you will appreciate the raw and intense nature of Radio Eris.

To hear “At Your Service,” check out Radio Eris’ site.

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3 Responses to Review: ‘At Your Service’ By Radio Eris

  1. avataria says:

    pretty rad album! sounds awesome live!

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