Musicians Speak: Chris Gennone’s Five Most Inspirational Records

By Chris Gennone, lead singer and guitarist for Hyawatha

1. “On the Beach” – Neil Young: That part in “Motion Pictures” where he croons, “I’d rather start all over again,” knocks the wind out of me; it’s his plea to just retain his own identity and credibility. The whole record is about redemption and recovery. He’s saying goodbye to the last of the “ditch trilogy.”

2. “Let It Be” – The Replacements: This is the ultimate magic trick of a record. On a bad day, they were the worst band you’ve ever heard. On a good day, they could surpass the Rolling Stones. Westerberg bears his soul on almost every track. The record starts off light and up-tempo, but by its end with “Answering Machine,” you’ll want to cry and scream.

3. “Dirty” – Sonic Youth: Sure, “Daydream Nation” was classic, but it also felt like an accident. With “Goo” being the popular one, the most interesting to me was “Dirty.” “Theresa’s Sound World” blew me away with it’s noisy freakouts and crashes. Lee Ranaldo’s lyrics and vocals on “Wish Fulfillment” are an understatement of beauty.

4. “The Stone Roses” – The Stone Roses: All it took was one masterpiece of a record to seal them as a cult and underground favorite. Beautiful production, melodies, guitar tracks and consistent drumming. They invented this sound we’ve heard so many times with Oasis and other “indie bands.” “I am the Resurrection” is the most epic song ever recorded. Fuck “Stairway to Heaven,” this one takes the cake.

5. “Bakesale” – Sebadoh: There are plenty of beautiful moments on such a darker themed record. Lou Barlow bitches and vents about his clashing relationship with Dino Jr. bandmate J Mascis, but there’s a vulnerability and longing to move on. Sometimes it does feel good to just bitch about it.

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2 Responses to Musicians Speak: Chris Gennone’s Five Most Inspirational Records

  1. That stone roses album is soooooooo good

  2. Dirty is my fav sonic youth album although I’d def admit daydream nation is a better album

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