Musicians Speak: Sam Ross’ Favorites of 2011

We asked Sam Ross, bassist for New Jersey based metal group Resident Stone, for his favorite album, song and live performance of 2011. He wanted to be sure we knew not only what his answers were, but also why.

Favorite Album of 2011:

“My favorite album of 2011 is Kelly Carvin and The Future (self-titled). Her music is a soulful mix of many different styles, but what really hits me is the overall energy in the music itself. This album is from the heart and it shows. I met Kelly at an open mic up in north Jersey over a year ago and have been a fan ever since.”

Favorite Song of 2011:

“My pick for favorite song is The Mahlors‘ ‘Shoot You Down.’ The energy in this song is what really grabs me. It gives the crowds dancing feet as well. It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in the back of your head and its a good thing when it does.”

Live Performance of The Year:

“My favorite performance was Midnight Mob. This group gets on stage and all eyes are on them. Pure rock and roll exudes from each member as they play. From beginning to end their set is captivating. Its been an honor to have been able to share the stage with them.”


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