Elephant Talk 2011 Music Awards: The Complete List

2011 was the first year that Elephant Talk Indie Music Magazine awarded bands and artists from around the country. Fans and Elephant Talk staff voted for months before the event, which was held on New Year’s Eve at Le Grand Fromage in Atlantic City.

Bill Ridenour won an Elephant Talk award for album of the year, “One.”

Here is a complete list of the winners for each category:

Atlantic City Area Winners

Overall Winners (Non-Atlantic City Area, Bands That Have Played At Least One Elephant Talk Event)

Jerry Ryan’s Picks For Best He Has Seen and Heard in 2011

  • Breakthrough Artist of The Year – La Dauphine
  • Female Vocalist of The Year – Margot McDonald
  • Folk/Americana – Hezekiah Jones
  • Singer/Songwriter – Dylan Le Blanc
  • Performance of The Year – Bellflur at The Strathmere Mansion, Performing “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots”

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6 Responses to Elephant Talk 2011 Music Awards: The Complete List

  1. Jerry says:

    I will say- I have been compiling these lists over many years and even have a list of elephant talk award winners from 2010 that I announced on the page following the first full year. There were no awards shows or trophies or anything like that, but it’s still part of the elephant talk history comparable to superbowl vs NFL championships
    Anyway, here they are
    Band of the year-BELLFLUR
    Album of the year-“asleep asleep” by BELLFLUR
    Female vocalist of the year-Kiirstin kuhi @verity in stereo
    Breakthrough artist of the year-the galt line
    Best live act-the Rhodes

    Might be a couple more that I had awarded. There was no local/non-local categories to divide them. Just bands and artists who have participating and stood out to me. The local awards was created, as was the awards show to create a buzz in the local community and bridge the gap and get us closer to our goal of establishing a legitimate music community. I think we have succeeded then some while remaining true to the music.
    Oh yeah, also my local band of the year for 2010 was private stock
    That it all for now

  2. Jerry says:

    In 2009 I was so heavily into music after losing my job. I used the opportunity to get out and catch up on my passion (music). During this time I already had this music magazine in the back on my mind and after seeing and hearing bands like girl in a coma, BELLFLUR, the Rhodes, karmic juggernaut, starfucker, attack power! And more…. It was a no brainer to take this to another level, while I was waiting for my next move, I visited a psychic who knew of this fire in my heart without me saying a word about it and kept telling me that my angels were upset at me and wanted me to act. True story!! Since that day my heart opened up and there was no turning back on what I had to do, experience or not. I knew music and also knew that doors would open for me if I kept on my chosen path.
    I tried to log in on the blog to no avail, that’s why I’m rambling on. Hope someone gets the chance to read these posts. Haha.

  3. Jerry says:

    Bands that didn’t receive awards in 2011 who I thought were just as worthy as anyone
    Sucks that there’s only room for one winner (in most cases)

    1.neon dynamite-indie rock
    2.roots in stereo-live act, ska
    3.ghosts in the valley-punk
    4.j-e-double f-hip hop
    5.slouch frawg-metal
    6.the faux Paus-indie rock
    7.dan Collins-singer/songwriter
    8.fleet walker-singer/songwriter
    9.dance for the dying-indie/alternative
    10.America hearts-indie

  4. rhettbradbury says:

    This is awesome stuff Jerry. Always impressed by your commitment. U da man!

  5. rhettbradbury says:

    Award for most kick ass bro: JR

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