Standout Band of the Weekend: Senium

Members of approximately the 20th percentile of the 99% gathered at Le Grand Fromage on Saturday night.

For this blogger, who only had the chance to see the bands that played the downstairs stage during Saturday night’s “Occupy” Le Grand Fromage in Atlantic City, the standout band was three-piece Senium. They played a tight set, had a unique style that was well suited for the venue, and kept the crowd engaged. Plus, they get bonus points because their bassist was wearing a Dinosaur Jr t-shirt, and because they sounded like them (with a bit of Bleach era Nirvana mixed in).

Don’t take my word, though. Check out their Myspace site and give a listen.

Part II of Occupy Le Grand Fromage is scheduled for Saturday, Jan 14.


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2 Responses to Standout Band of the Weekend: Senium

  1. Jerry says:

    Senium was great! I was impressed enough to buy the cd also. There is no doubt they were influenced by the early nirvana stuff. I was digging the high energy, not only from them, but the energy level throughout the entire night starting with roots in stereo who seemed to set the tone for the evening.

    Also, I didn’t expect such from monster farm and was surprised they were as good as they were.
    Overall I thought it went smooth for the first ever dbl decker show (thanks John Arthur for doing sound) and the show was a success. But…. I also believe we have only scratched the surface. 2012 is gonna be HUGE!

  2. L0veBuzz says:

    Yes, definitely, senium is a great band.

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