Welcome to Elephant Talk’s Blog

Poet Bubbles (right) shows his support for a random Russian street performer (center) while a fan (left) looks on.

If you’ve ever attended or been involved in an Elephant Talk event, you may have wondered why it’s referred to as a magazine when nothing has ever been published. The long answer is that Jerry Ryan, Elephant Talk’s founder, has been busy bringing people together and organizing shows in an attempt to create a music scene in a dying resort town full of washed up lounge acts, disinterested tourists, and junkies. The short answer is that we’re easily sidetracked.

Because of our lack of focus, we’ve decided step one will be this blog, which took only five minutes to create. But we plan to fill it with videos, interviews, album reviews, or whatever other nonsense we decide will be of interest to fans of Elephant Talk.

Stay tuned, folks. These past few years have only been the beginning.


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One Response to Welcome to Elephant Talk’s Blog

  1. Jerry says:

    It’s funny when people mention to me about the actual magazine. My main focus has always been to move forward in the right direction and to continue building the foundation of what is and what is soon to come. I do what I can when I can do it and whenever I decide to do this or not to do this always makes sense to me at the time. Everything happens for a reason and I never put a arrival time on the things I do.
    Glad this blog is happening so we can talk about our personal experiences and so forth with whoever wants to listen.
    Thank you John Arthur for leading elephant talk in the right direction with this blog and I look forward to sharing my personal experiences with music and continue to introduce you to new and refreshing music on the indie scene

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